modernism 1922
celebrating distinctions
14-17 September 2022
free online event
What was up?
The conference Modernism1922: Celebrating Distinctions honoured 1922
as annus mirabilis for modernism, from many different perspectives. It
aimed to uncover new views on what set the 1922 modernist events
apart, but also on how they compare and impacted each other, e.g., with
regard to art ideology, aesthetics, philosophy, religion,…
Keynote speakers were:
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For more information contact:
Clare Hutton!
Loughborough University!
Women and the Making of Ulysses
James C. Klagge
Virginia Tech.!
Wittgenstein’s Tractatus and the Great War
Michael North
1922: A Centenary Dismemberment
Philomeen Lelieveldt
Netherlands Music Institute
Ido Eyl’s visit to the French musical avantgarde
Greg Chase
College of the Holy Cross"